"Designer" Engagement Rings

Anyone have any recomendations or leads in the NY/NJ area.

Possibly someone to work with to fabricate my design, or any great jewelers with great designs of their own.

The standby is the old TaCO engagement ring (tiffany and co.).
Anybody want to try to talk me out of that, because they have a diamond mine in cambodia that only employs 7 year old girls, or something similar?

I’m sure someone here could talk you out of marriage, hahaha…j/k

I designed a ring with a woman we knew in Toronto, Canada
and I was adament that we used a Canadian Diamond from the Ekati diamond mines


They are quite stunning, although more expensive than your average ‘blood’ diamond. I really did not want to contribute to ongoing power struggles over resources in many of the western African nations that a lot of cheaper diamonds come from and help pay for weapons.

My now wife is very happy she has something no one else has! and the woman who made it was very proud…