Designer Client gifts

I’m looking for suggestions of nice designer-y gifts for my best clients.

Could be something custom (ie. with our logo on it), if done well, but not looking for a cheap piece of swag with a logo printed on it. Logo not a necessity. Something useful and design-oreiented would be nice.

Looking for low qty, maybe 10-20pcs, $20-50. Needs to be easy to ship worldwide. If cheaper, can increase to bulk qty.

I’m also open to doing some customization myself, ie. an insert or printed wrap around an existing thing like an imprint in a Moleskine notebook.

If I had more time, I’d do something completely custom like a letterpress calendar/poster.

Ideas so far-

-custom pens/pencils - nice, but larger qty needed.
-Some design book
-some unique desk accessory

Thoughts? Suppliers?


Hey Richard! The Core77 Ultimate Gift Guide will be launching in about a week and a half so hold tight – im sure you’ll find some fun options for client gifts within our picks!

Until then, here are our picks from 2010

I should add that easy purchasing and shipping is also key. The problem with most of the things in the gift guide and elsewhere online is that either they won’t ship to Canada or shipping costs more than the thing.


Stendig Calendar available at Crate&Barrel

There’s one in your town, too! They’ll ship easily, from what I can see.

Branded booze?

You could do the same with coffee, tea, any consumable.

That would awesome but impossible to buy/ship internationally.


Silly Answer:
Why not something from the 1983 Apple gift catalogue?

Am I the only who misses the rainbow Apple logo?

How much do you think that belt buckle would be worth today?

How much do you think that belt buckle would be worth today?

$11.39, so a little more than double (less collector value). :wink:

With collector value:

How about getting a Pantone mug in their favorite color or company color:

I designed this desk accessorie for a company that might suit your needs.
Solid oak, magnet hidden inside. Possible to engrave logo on the surface with laser.

Dont know about rules regarding advertising (since Im connected with the company) so I`ll just add a picture.

I don’t know if you’re a member of or not, but they have these “Field Notes” kits up right now. Cool designey, vintage feel to them. They’d be easy to ship too.

This is something I have been looking into for SolidDesign. Had a few ideas but looking for something truly original that has a wow factor.

I think it is appropriate in that it is a direct response to the question :wink: lets see that link!

These guys make some fun gifty stuff:

This their product website, they sell b2b.
The office desk accessorie line is also available in

I think for the festive season a nice bottle opener or corkscrew is always a good gift. Screen printable, lazer etchable or cast in your logo.

Either that or something else booze related. Maybe pre packaged Jello shots with your company logo on the lid?

Boo yeah.

The only corporate seasonal gift I’ve received that was worth remembering was a self made card including line, paraphrased, “had a good year, thank you for contributing, in lieu of gifts we’ve made donation to ___ charity”.

Simple, not personal, but entirely memorable.

Custom Leather Mouse Pad with your logo on it.