Designer cars

If your down with the hatchback tip, I can’t imagine a better ride than the VW R32, and there’s a ton of them at dealerships with low low miles for under $30k. I guess you have to wonder why there’s so many for sale, but who cares, that car is hot!!

It was a bit outta my price range unfortunately, so I went with a 20th anniversery GTi. I think it’s a phenominal designer car, I keep finding subtle details that are just great, the design is conservitive enough to live with for a long long time. It came with all the goodies (big wheels, recaros, a great sound system, “real” aluminum trim, red brake calipers…the list goes on and on). I don’t think I can go back to Jap-crap as a daily driver now, as much as I loved my MR2’s the VW rides so nice, the brakes are so powerful, I donno…

So I vote for a certified pre-owned R32, but you’d need a bike rack :smiley:

I wish VW would’ve made an R28, or R18T, I feel like a sell out with FWD. and they have the stuff to do it (Audi TT anyone?) oh well??

Pure Class :smiling_imp:

I think we’ve started a thread based on what car is our favorites (with a few exceptions)… The 510 are awesome cars. I own a 88 E30 M3 so I understand the mentality of some 510 owners.

The R32 is nice but wait til the new one comes out. More horsepower and hopefully better handling. Those 4WD Golfs drive with a lot of understeer and too much torque-steer.

I wonder if 6ix decided?

cadmonkey says…Audi A4 Avant

(with as big an engine as you can afford)

Is this about designer cars for designers to make a statement as to where they are in their design career? Any big french luxury car. (i guess that depends on where you live) I had a 94 caddy sts all blacked out with 18’s on it, then a vw karmann ghia cal look, and now a 1973 mustang mach 1, saddle bronze with a white interior. I do not carry bicycles though. If you want to look like a ‘designer’ the 3 series BMW seems to be common, but I don’t want to be common, I want to make a statement. The isuzu vehicross definatly makes a statement. 510’s rock, but they are not ‘designer’ cars. Do you want to make a statement about eco designer? car designer? designer for the people? and really you shouldn’t care (but I do, forgive my vanity) and just get a car that fits your needs. But we know the world dosen’t work that way, does it? I want to make the statement that I know about cars, I can afford to drive a real muscle car (351 cid, roller cam, roller rockers, alum intake, headers, demon carb, hei ignition, 10:1 compression ratio) In colours only put on 35 mustangs, but I do not have the spoilers or blackout hood that was common on those cars. So I make the statement of tastfull muscle all the while dumping poison into the air. I also wear suits from the early 70’s, made by stan lee in Hong kong, that are not black. Thats my statement.