Designer cars

Admittedly, this is a highly opinionated topic, but here goes…

What car would best fit your professional as an industrial designer? Back in 2000, it seemed that every principle designer had a TT and the junior to mid-level designers have Jettas.

2006 is going to be my year for a new, sweet ride. Driving a 2004 Passat. Can you say, yawn?? Boring car, but nice. Thinking 330ci or a 2004+ 5-series. Thank you Chris Bangle, I like them. Well, the 330Ci wasn’t his design, at least not until 2007.

The G35 is sweet, but can’t fit anything in it. By the way, we’re trying to stay around 30K.

So that’s the question. If you had 30K, what would you get?

I’m new here and not a designer but I have an opinion.

First when I read this post, I laughed. Perhaps I don’t get it; but I guess you have to look good huh?

Well then I have to ask; what are you looking for in a car? Just to look good? You want something with four doors? Two doors? Power? Handling?

If I had $30k to spend on a car that I want, well nevermind. I’d probably be made fun of because it is not new and what everyone drives.

I thought being a designer is about being different. Not about being the same as everyone else? Talk about individuality.

Maybe I am a bit too harsh on my second post but this is a forum which is open to the public.

Hey, give me some credit here. At least it’s a REAL topic and not a porn link or that SYN-everything website.

Okay, $30K for a NEW car. Must fit a bicycle (can remove front wheel though). Any takers? Heck, I even thought about getting another Mazda6, but this the MazdaSpeed6. That’s somewhat “original.”

Do I want to look good? Heck ya! I’m not being stuck-up or anything, I simply like having a nice car. I spend a lot of time in it.

That’s fair enough. You want a ‘new’ car and fits a bicycle while looking good in it for $30k.

Volvo or a used BMW E39 5 series touring.

Or you can go with the Honda truck that isn’t a truck (Ridgeline). But you said good looking, so that is out of the question. (ha)

I have no idea if those models are in your price range…

A nicely restored BMW 2002 Tii. I don’t know if that fits the bill.

I still like the Lexus IS 300 wagon… in yellow, from a couple years back, and you can get one on the cheap used (or is that pre-owned) and its a Lexus so it’s built like a tank.

Someone recently got an Audi A3 @ work and it’s forms are really nicely resolved:

… but you gotta love the BMW 2002.

The A3 is nice; I forgot about that. The IS is another story. The rear end of that car is just too ugly for me.

To bad we didn’t get the 1 series in the US. Maybe you can find your self an 1800tii touring and restore it but you said you wanted new…

How about the Saabaru? AKA Saab 92x. OK, so its just a tarted up Impreza, but its better looking than the Impreza, quite versatile, and quite quick if you get the turbo version.

Better get one before production stops, now that GM has sold their stake in Subaru…

hey 6ix,

well, i currently have an RSX-S Type. i recently took it in for servicing at which time i was given a loaner, a TL. and i have to say, that it was a pretty sweet ride! my fiancee even commented that it fit me as a designer.

there was some very nice interior treatments inside with the use of aluminum and leather. it was relatively quiet at speed, and it could speed effortlessly. cuz we all know that i.d.ers are all about some speed in their rides. :slight_smile: pricewise, i think its reasonable when compared to other cars in its class (Jetta, 3 Series, etc.). and plenty of leg room for the 6 ft crowd in front and back.

from a styling perspective, its edgy, which i like. and even a little classy.

check it out!

oh…and A-line…that animated .gif is one of the first things that made me laugh on the internet! i love it!

Jerry, yeah, I like the TL quite a bit. The new one has that really defined crease along the side of the car that incorporates the turn signals. Nice. But guess what I found out? Rear seats don’t fold down. None of the Lexus sedans have that feature. It’s absolutely vital that the seats can fold down to hold longer stuff, like my bike. I’d rather not have my roof rack on the car all the time.

That said, I do like the TSX, even though it’s just the euro accord. Wish it had a bit more style to it though.

Love the new Lexus IS, but again, seats don’t fold down. That car is beautiful.

As for the A3, it’s cool, but if I were going to get an Audi, I’d get a 2005+ A4 with the new frontend treatment.

For around 30K…the G35 coupe is pretty sweet. Not sure how much room you really need. Plus the ladies dig it, haha. But you mention “we”…so I guess maybe my last comment doesn’t count :slight_smile: Great resale value too!

So do you like to DRIVE…or RIDE. For me…I have to have a vehicle I can connect with…emotionally, performance wise, and aesthetically. I’ve met many people (and designers) who couldn’t care less about those factors…so I’m not sure any one car fits a “designer”. For reference, both of my design directors own '03 A4 1.8T wagons. They are both boring rides…and besides the name Audi on them…I think they are cheap. I like to drive like a hooligan…so I need something that excites me.

Maybe you should look at the new Mazdaspeed6. Turbo 2.3L, 6-speed, AWD. Not the prettiest…but has some good utility and speed. Or perhaps the new Audi A4 2.0T’s…a bit more refined than the 1.8Ts.

So my vote…If I was to spend 30K on something that looked good and performed well…G35 coupe all the way.

and btw…the rear seats in the G35 coupe DO fold down…checked it out at the dealer last week.

But…I also cycle…a lot…and was hoping to fit the my 5900 in the car. The only reason it would not fit is the width of the handlebars. if the fork is tilted where the handlebars are verticle…it would exceed the trunk height. Length wise you are ok.

mazda rx8

u know, i don’t recall even checking the rear-seats of the TL to see if they folded down. if they don’t that really bites. i have a tendency to go dumpster diving and usually find the occasional oversized treasure. so, that’s good to know.

however, my other half is also planning on getting a Toyota Highlander (hybrid) so she may get the practical duty vehicle while i get the FUNctional one. hehe!

as far as family planning goes, both would be well-suited to accommodate a - gulp - infant human carrier. is that something to be considered for your car choice?

the RX-8 is nice as is the G35 / 350Z platform. so many cars . . . better break out a nice coin, cuz it may just come down to a toss just to aid the decision-making process. :slight_smile:

Alfa Romeo GT or 147, :sunglasses: Opsssss! They don’t sell Alfa in US, I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy a new Civic Si & rice it to within an inch of it’s life!!!
Seriously, I am drooling over that car, and dread seeing the inevitable ravages of bad taste descend upon them.
Everyone’s got to have a hobby.

Thank you for refreshing my memory of the Si. I had a 2000 and it was incredible, especially for the money. And the new one is amazing. Probably get it with HID and Navi for less than $25K. Hmmm, very tempting.

Had a 2004 Mazda6 5-door that was great for hauling stuff around. Keep in mind, this wasnt’ a wagon, but the whole back-end opened up to swallow stuff. The MazdaSpeed6 is based on the sedan, so it has a normal trunk lid. Still, great car.

I’ve always had Saabs. I currently own an 85’ 900 spg and a '90 900 spg. I’ve learned a lot about automobile mechanics by learning to do many of my own repairs over the years. Unfortunately, they don’t make saabs the way they used to. I also own '79 dodge conversion van w/ custom paint. I keep my surfboards in it so I think I would buy a newer 4x4 diesel van to replace the '79 guzzler. Its great for changing in and out of my wetsuit in colder weather and if a swell hits heavy, I can catch a nap in between sessions, make a cup of coffee or just stretch out and listen to tunes, the NOAA report, make a sandwich or whatever makes me happy. I really love driving that beast on the open road but without 4WD, it is useless in the snow which is where the old saabs come in handy. Atleast a rear locking differential would be an improvement. Gas being what it is these days, I almost never take it on solo missions to surf at remote breaks.

If money wasn’t an option though, I’d get a Sportsmobile.

I’d buy a 1985 Volvo 240DL Sedan - brown rust colored with a leaky sunroof and woodgrain door lock knobs with a fold up mirrow on the glovebox door. And keep the other 29K for when gasoline powered automobiles are over.

honda jazz/fit. save the money for something else, like a house or retirement.

as a designer, i get more looks and questions in my '92 miata than coworkers in their bmws and mercedes. i took my time personalizing it.

i can’t think of a stealthier designer car.

my other car is a '03 Si. i’m a sucker for a great interior. hatchbacks rock for versatility.