Designed Objects, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Hello all, I’m currently an art student at the University of Wisconsin but I have the opportunity to transfer to SAIC where I plan on doing a new designed objects program. I understand that art school may not be the most prudent path to becoming a serious industrial designer, but please take a look at the program and tell me what you think.

Designed Objects:

“The Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects explores relationships between the body, objects, and space connecting fine art experimentation with development of the ethical imagination in work in the public sphere. In today’s world, the designer is charged with reconceptualizing the entire habitable realm toward sustaining the art of living. At SAIC, students develop creative design strategies that engage.”

My big idealistic plan for life is to get involved in progressive/humanitarian design, whatever you would like to call it. Design for the other 90% that core has been posting recently. Where and how do I start on that path? Are there any grad programs that specifically deal with that?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated

Sounds like an intersting program… but have you looked at the instructors backgrounds? The focus seems to be Architecture and Interior Architecture. Do they even have 1 industrial designer teaching?

This type of program seems like a great graduate program. Have you considered finishing up at U of W then getting your graduate degree at SAIC?