design workspace ideas

Ideas for a new design workspace. We are building a new studio and I’m looking for ideas on studio layout. What do you find works well or not so well. What things do you like having, what things do you wish you had in your studio. What things seemed like a good idea but didn’t work out so well. Links to images would be great.

First of all, what’s the difference between an office and a “studio”? A designer friend has a nice space in a trendy part of town (high ceilings, several coffee shops and restaurants a stone-throw away), yet he tells me he doesn’t consider his office fancy enough to be called a “studio”. :wink:

There is no such thing as:

  1. Too much whiteboard space
  2. Too much pinup space
  3. Too much desk space
  4. Too much light
  5. Too many meeting spaces

Keep it open and bright, with lots of flexible space… and have a Ball Room and Funhouse mirrors… , make everything into dry-erase surface :smiley: