Design - Working Abroad, Specifically Spain

Curious if anyone has had success in finding and design jobs (and/or including teaching) abroad? Would appreciate any stories or suggestions you could offer. I’d really like to live abroad, specifically Spain, for some extended period of have 10 years of experience + semi-fluent in Spanish. Thanks![/b]

Yup, I’d love to work there too. It’s tough. I have been trying to get a job in europe from here and it feels pretty fruitless. I have been attacking the big corporations that have hubs over there where everyone speaks english. I know HP has a design center is Spain. Wouldn’t that be amazing???

I do think, just going there and talking to people would lead to something. I might do it myself in Spring.

I am from Argentina, I spent 5 months in Madrid trying to get an interview and I only got one… :frowning: .

I have a good portfolio, resumè and cover letter, but I think the design scene is not very strong in Spain.

Besides, Spain has one of the lowest salaries in Europe :confused:

Think about it… how many products/brands do you know from spain?

I send you here some names, phones and adresses.
Good luck :slight_smile:

MARLASCA CREAT. IND. Carlos Bermejo Marlasca Director Madrid Cno. de Vinateros, 3, 2º-6ª 28030 91 437 5576
Alberto Corazón Climent Madrid Guecho, 34 28023 91 710 2710
Díez+Díez Diseño Javier o J.Luis Diez Madrid c/ José de Cadalso, 68, 2ºD 28044 91 706 9695
Suter y Gil Madrid Alto del León, 3, 2ºB 28038 91 328 1032
Continuum Madrid San Quintín, 6 - ppal. dcha. 28013 91 548 2360
Atrio Diseño, S.L. Luis Corbella Madrid Condado de Treviño, 2, 24E 28.33 91 383 8370
Equipo 01 Madrid Tambre, 19, Bajo 28002 91 411 6422
Lois Arquitectura Tres Cantos-Madrid Sector Pueblos, 34, 1ºD 28760 91 804 1605
LOOPING COMUNICACIÓN dto. De R.R.H.H Madrid C/ Mártires de la Ventilla 40 1†A 28029 91 652 0100
ESTUDIO GRAMA Madrid Camino de los mesoncillos 66 28109
ODICE Madrid Diego de León 39
IDIS DISEÑO Ana María Arias Madrid Dulcinea 42 1°B 91 533 2838
SIGNES Madrid Príncipe de Vergara, 13 28001 91 3505 364
Julián Zapata GDP Madrid Barquillo Nº 30 28004 91 521 5587
MORMEDI Jaime Moreno Medina Socio Madrid Sil 50 90 515 8704