Design Work

We have just launched a product design manufacturing company.

We design and manufacture our own products, and take them to retail.

We also offer a complete value driven design consultancy service based on our knowledge/experience of the whole process.

Any ideas in helping us find/gain consultancy work? if so,

Best of luck to you all.


Get a professional designer to do your branding/logo for you company. Your logo is the first thing people see. Right now it looks unprofessional. Makes you look like a start up by some guys who just graduated and have no real experience.

(Even if you are a bunch of guys who just graduated and have no real experience you don’t want to look that way to the world.)

The thing you might want to change is your logo. I recommed using Illustrator and not use the glossy effect or the 3d effect. It just don’t look right with the page.

Agree with Trunks on the logo. Yeah, I didn’t sign in, so if you want to brush of my suggestion, so be it. Could care less.

Also, and listen to this, don’t post on multiple boards. Frustrating.

first of all register, second of all stop spamming the boards…arrogant bastard…