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Hi Everybody,

I am trying to build a visual library of design concepts on flickr. The best way to describe it is a huge visual pinup board for ANY design or concept that you may have.

Check it out at:

No concept is too crazy or subtle to be uploaded. Post the concept that is too crazy for your boring client. Post the concepts that the clients DIDN’T pick. If you are a student you should post ALL of your projects! Have a cool napkin sketch you did at lunch? Post that too! Postings don’t have to be portfolio quality work… just communicate your idea effectivly. Most importantly have fun!

It would be great if you guys would check it out and contribute!


I think you need a thumbnail interface

I agree that a graphic interface would be better.

Can you somehow integrate Creative Commons in the site?

I can imagine a lot of people not posting because of confidentiality issues. You can not post any concepts you did for a client because, until released by the client, will be confidential.

Will that lead to having mostly students work in the site?

Hi Guys,

I totally agree about the GUI interface. However, right now this thing is on less than a shoestring budget and this was the best platform I could find for cheap that allowed maximum interactivity by users.

It is still fairly easy to upload images but yes, it could be easier.

Also good call about the creative common! I will definitely check it out!

In the meantime… go ahead and post some stuff!

Thanks for the feedback, tell your friends.


I’m lost, your UI is a bit of a mess, how do you post a picture?

It took me a while to figure it all out too but once I go it thing became straightforward!

To post a picture (or anything else) you have to go to the page that you would like to “post” the picture to. When you are there you click the “edit page” button at the top of the page. The password is “mydesigns” (which is also posted on the front of the site) and this takes you to a window where you can edit the entire page. There is a button here to add pictures.

This format probably isn’t the easiest way to do things but like I said… the wikipedia “anybody can edit” structure was the best available tool for this kind of open project without actually writing some software.

why don’t you just create a group on facebook, flkr…etc where anyone can easily drop a picture in to, and people can browse the concepts very quickly. Your format isn’t attractive, quick or simple to use…hence it has no attraction to be used. Look at croflot its super quick to use and it comes with desirable quality’s so that you want to use it…this results in its high popularity.

I kinda grasp what your trying to do, but I imagine most designers would be put off.

Took some advice and made a group on flickr for the design concept library! The link is below! This is all pretty much a big experiment so all good ideas are welcome!

Post some work!

The wiki is still up too. If anybody is interested in doing a little design experiment on mass collaboration let me know!

When I read the topic title I got the impression this site is more like where you can look up famous designers and prducts.