:smiley: Hey whats up! Well just found this site info mining google and it looks pretty cool. Im an artist/writer/comicker/producer/etc… dabble in the graphics, and design and arhitecture a lot. On lots of architecture/design sites currently. This one looks like it has a wealth of information. Like to see what everyones got going on and collaborate and stuff definitely.

Well Im currently in the process of a new project Im working on, and am collaborating through various networks on the web. Id like to crowd source further and coalesce with some like minds. My current project is architectural in nature and some what community driven. I am doing research into alternative architectural design of an advanced nature relating to financially frugal housing options. Facets of note are OFF GRID housing, sustainable design, green design, low cost materials, and modular characteristics all the while exhibiting dynamic aesthetics. This will be for the new artists retreat I am building. From these design variables have derived a stream of solutions that display the said traits: Container Mods/ Pre Fab/ Inflatables/ Conics/ Geodesics/ Pods/ Portable Modules/ Origami/ Bubbles/ ertc. The flow of information has led me in a direction of something very architecturally unique in nature. The end point will hopefully be a modern dwelling OFF GRID out in the wilderness where I can immersed in a serene creative environment and can advance my community driven projects. Im on the Net on lots of nature sites getting a feel for the environmentl issues. Doing this all on a very modest budget, hence the design innovation necessary. Vacillating around expending $15ooo.00 or so total. I have discovered some very striking structures in the $1ooo to 1oooo range so I think this is feasible. The remaining is the procurement of land and services. Ive already combined my criteria and research interactively with lots of communities and am making significant progress.

Now Im looking to take it to the next level and create a WIKI or platform of some sort to filter, focus and expand the information into a completed project collaboratively. I am looking at architecture WIKIS, realty WIKIS, and crowd source funding platforms. Do you have any experience with crowd sourcing of this nature? Ive encountered a number of WIKI crowd source sites such as archello, openarchitecturenetwork, arkbazzar, studio WIKItecture, etc, that look promising. Any bright ideas on something that would facilitate a project of this nature are appreciated. But with this WIKI I would like to assemble a hierarchy of designs, pinpoint services for assembly, delivery, and installation, and maybe even locate land to institute the whole process onto. I can pour a degree of resource into this. Such as maybe awards or compensation of some sort as well. Yah if you’ve got any ideas on WIKI technology to crowd source this it would be great. Or any neat cost sensitive design links. Here are a smattering of structures Im contemplating. THX! And look forward to interacting on my projects and others on this site!