Design Week HK

I could do this as a private message, but:

Tim: Which of the three days is best for ID guys during the HK Design Week in December? It looks like there’s a “product design” section on Thursday 12.3.09.

There is also a scheduled Industrial Design Forum on 12.2.09, but no details posted. What is that about?

I’ll be in-country and plan to attend.


Since I am moving back to the US on November 14th I have not kept up with this year’s BoDW. Give me a day to look into it and I will comment back.

Sorry for the delay.

I have looked over the schedule.

If you have a China visa then the Shenzhen Industrial Design Festival will be interesting as it will give you insights into ID in China. You also will get some insight into how design events are put together in China which is a learning experience in itself. That is why you should not expect to see a program or even believe the program that you are given in the morning of the Festival :slight_smile: There should be translation into English.

The big day for ID, in Hong Kong is December 3.


Thanks for the update. So are you saying the Shenzhen Industrial Design session is in Shenzhen? Where? I’ll be in SZ on the 12/2 and plan to attend the HK sessions on 12/3.

Yes, the Shenzhen ID Festival is in Shenzhen. It is designs part of the overall government linkage between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The where is still mysterious (welcome to China). I will done a little hunting around on this question.