Design tutorials while at home.

Hey, I know like a lot of people I’m not currently working for at least 30 days and staying home. I wanted to do some self education with some tutorials and online classes. I’m wondering what are everyone’s favorite places to find these? I am using LinkedIn Learning (formally lynda) and they have a free trial right now.

Are you doing anything else to better yourself professionally during this time?

I noticed that LinkedIn was offering SolidWorks Surfacing certification prep courses. The Certification exam is not easy! I think there are gaps between what an Advanced Surfacing course, and this Prep course would provide, so I’m planning to do that sometime.

They’re all about 90 minutes, but I don’t think you’ll learn more about doing swoopy/ surfacy/ industrial design type modeling in SolidWorks than watching any one of my previous SolidWorks World presentations, all on youtube.

Thanks Lowe9, I will pop a few of these to pick up some tricks.

A tip for those not aware - if you are on Chrome, you can right click on a youtube vid TWICE to get the native chrome popup menu, there you can select “Picture in picture” and have your video pop-out as a scalable always-on-top window. Really usefull to have something like this or political debates running while you work…

What are you trying to learn?

I’ve been reading more about psychology on
And I’ve been working on learning blender on youtube

The following do some excellent Keyshot tutorials that I’m working my way through during lockdown to pick up some tips and tricks:

Will Gibbons (great series on material graphs):

Esben Oxholm:

Liam Martin:

Sam Does Design:

Also for sketching there is the OG Spencer Nugent who has years worth of helpful videos:

A few sketching tips from leManoosh too:

I’ve got some sketching tutorials up as well:

If you are looking to hone your KeyShot skills - just found this amazing resource - Tutorials - Esben Oxholm - Freelance CG Artist - Product Images and Animations

Just finished this one from Will today and this is the result!

Now the challenge is to fully remember the techniques to use in my own work!

looking good!