Design Trip to Switzerland and Austria

Hello All,
I am planning on organizing a design trip for my industrial design students (Product and transportation) to Switzerland and Austria. We are based in Toronto, Canada. I am researching design consultancies and corporations in both countries.

Based on your experience, please let me know if you could suggest a few design consultancies or corporations in both countries that may be receptive to receiving students and showcasing their design process and chat with ID students.

Other interesting names of museums are also welcome. Please suggest interesting locations to visit that could help students gain more exposure?

The group size is 20-25 members, including faculty
Duration: 8 to 10 days

Please let me know if you are able to share this info

thank you

I know On footwear is outside of Zürich. That would be a good one.

Vitra in Basel
Goetheanum (just around the corner)

Logitech in Lausanne, Switzerland comes to mind. I don’t know if there’s design work happening there or if that’s all in California.

Maybe reach out to Bepster on the forum. I think he’s originally from the area and worked for Logitech.