Design Triathlon

Hello Everyone!

Craig from Craig Kibbe Designs here. I’m embarking on a design challenge - a test to push my skills and creativity to the max and produce as many, high-quality ideas through the design process as I can in just a few weeks. To be more exact, in 45 days I have been and will be designing 15 well thought out, random projects based upon concepts of your choosing. Every day I will post: (day 1) concept sketches, (day 2) detail sketches or modeling images, and (day 3) a final rendering (beauty shot image) of each project. I will give myself 3 days for each project, no more, no less. At the end of this challenge, I hope to have significantly expanded the size and scope of my portfolio while providing a fun, interactive, and creative process for myself and my followers.

Here’s how to help. I need you to grab a graphical or a product image from a magazine, a website, or any popular source you can think of and post it on the CKD face book page. Here is the link:Redirecting... . Then, “like” your favorite image (either your own or someone else’s) and I’ll use the suggestion with the most likes as my inspiration for the challenge. If you don’t have a FB page then just post to this thread and I’ll move it over so that everyone can see.

Just like any race, I won’t get any breaks like weekends or holidays so make sure you keep watching this page and adding your thoughts!

I have been working pretty hard on this challenge for the past 10 projects. It has been, forgive me, challenging thus far. I have made some blunders and learned from them. I am currently having issues with the time constraints but working through them. So, please help out and give me your thoughts. I have 5 projects left and need your creativity to keep the spontaneity!


This is nothing to do with design or creativity. It’s the worst kind of facebook “marketing”. Posting an image to your facebook page and liking it? Really?

Just go ahead and design something. Show us when you are done. No need to troll for facebook likes in the process.


OH Snap! You didn’t.

That just happened.

WOW! Thats a bit cynical. Not sure if I should respond or not but I will because everyone deserves a fair shake.

Here is a bit of history so that you guys see where I am coming from. A few months ago I was the Lead Designer for a POP shop in Pittsburgh, PA. My partner acquired a tenure track position here in Colorado. So, we decided to move here to Fort Collins because the chances of me getting a job to him getting another offer where greater. Been here for a few months now and I haven’t found a place to work. Weather its the economy, bad timing, or me not being up to par, I needed to come up with a way to keep busy and be productive at the same time. I had one or two contract jobs so I started CKD. One night, while watching a movie, I came up with the idea to try and work on my skills, improve my portfolio, and to get my name out there. Marketing, sure but harmless. I think that it is a lot more fun to design things that people actually want rather then things that I come up with. Plus, there are even people in design fields that don’t know what it is that ID guys do. Why not let people see some of the process and how difficult it is so that they can get a better understanding of where the stuff they buy comes from? I have no products to sell. All I can do is finish what I have started and keep my mind busy rather than worrying about not having a job and needing to pay bills.

I/we don’t have any issue with designing stuff for fun, to build your portfolio, etc. That is what the Projects section is here for. It’s just the linkbaiting FB “liking” comes off a bit scammy… to me at least.

I realize it’s not a big corporate marketing push to gain facebook followers, but I just question “why”? Why not just design some stuff and throw it up there/in here? If you look around at some of the student posts with great projects, they get quite a following and a lot of good exposure, feedback. Far more than you’d get from a FB like.

I don’t mean anything personal from it, and see you are not trying to push some marketing down our throat. Maybe I’m just old and see limited point to FB things like this.


I think partly its ignorance on my part for not knowing another way. I posted this here as a suggestion by a connection on linkedin. So, I thought that I would give it a shot. I wasn’t registered with Core77 till today but I see all of the resources that are on here now. If I had of known before I probably would have done things a bit differently. For now though I’ll finish this because I have 15 days left and it will be the closest thing to a real triathlon that I have ever completed lol.

Nice shoes by the way!

Here is my latest post. What do you guys think?

The front legs seem redundant and unnecessary, why not just connect the seat to the bent laminate on the sides and have the front float?

What sort of use/environment where you thinking, some context might encourage better feedback.

Good luck with the exercise!

What is it? If it’s a project and you are talking about process, let’s see it. All I see is a chair with a fence around it. Who is it for? What is the concept? How did you get to that end solution?


Who is it for? What is the concept? How did you get to that end solution?

What I think my friend R (who is old, but not as old as I) is getting at is; we like to see design process more than completed designs. We like to comment and critique, with the idea that the outcome will benefit from the input of the group.

A personal opinion… don’t ask me to log-onto FB, Twitter, LinkedIN or any other social media. I’m not interested in submitting my personal information, to be sold to random strangers, just in order to see what it is you (or any other company) is up to. Or, as Mr. Horse might say, “No sir, I don’t like it.”

But to hell with all that, Welcome to the boards Craig! We’re not as cynical as you may think, and any more diversity you would be hard pressed to find on this planet. Hang around, post some stuff in the “Projects” section, join in on some discussion melees, bash a few ideas around, and get to know the gang.

All I see is a chair with a fence around it.

And a couple of really good pinch-points :confused:

I will! That was the last of that project but I wanted to share it. The rest of it is on FB but don’t worry I won’t hold against anyone if they don’t go. I haven’t gotten to work with other designers much so I will take the criticism. Like I said this is to build a stronger portfolio and I love a challenge. I do think I will have to work hard to present things worth looking at, even at the beginning stages but thats part of the challenge right? I think I should have started this on here it probably would have been more helpful.

Now for the new stuff.

This is a project that a friend brought to me. It is a redesign for the standard steel SKU hook. I need to make sure that there is a place for a price label and possibly a way to customize it to the client’s brand. I think I’ll use the detachable label face to allow the opportunity to change the shape of label plate. May add a little something more.

Here is a little bit more of me going through and trying to figure this out. I think the cotter pin may be the best bet here but I am open to suggestion. Just trying to keep the cost down.

Got a bit side tracked today. I saw a post on the 1HDC form for drawing out a piece of armor or weapon but didn’t realize that the discussion had been closed. Not sure why it was thought because the end date isn’t till the 31st. I think it turned out pretty good.

Because I threw my back out it hurts to sit in a chair so I will have to get the 3d rendering of the hooks posted tomorrow. However, I am still able to draw so I chose to work on a wine carafe for project 12. Here is what I have come up with so far:

I wasn’t sure what LMO meant in his post about the “pinch point.” I asked and here was the response:

“Hi Craig. If you are not familiar with the term, “pinch points” are areas where close-fitting elements can trap a hand, leg, the back of your arm, etc.

It’s probably a fair bet that your seating element, suspended from the “fence” (don’t know what your term is) is liable to flex, or move around a bit. Your design doesn’t show how the front legs of the seating element are prevented from moving (in relationship to the fence”) and neither is the back rest. At least it isn’t obvious in your render how the seat is secured.

I can see where, for example, if you turned around to look over your shoulder, while seated, that the seat back could flex and trap the back side of your arm. Likewise, I could see your foot, or the hand being pinched between the seat leg/seat base, and the fence.

But really, this question should have been addressed in the group forum, for the benefit of other readers.


I see now what he was saying. I think all that is needed is a bit more bracing in the back in two point. That could triangulate the stress and keep things from flexing. Originally, I was thinking that a heavier gauged steel would be used for the seat but that may not be enough. I think it may need some validation studies done.

Here is the rendering of project 11, the SKU hook.

Project 12: I really like how the wine carafe and chiller turned out. I think I am going to have another image to better explain things. I’ll post it tomorrow.

I think Project 13 is going to be fun. I am melding a simple bench design with the silhouette of the Rocky Mountains here in Fort Collins CO. Its going to be a challenge getting the modeling done.

Alright time to play some catch up on this discussion board. Here is the Rocky Mountain Bench:

I did some redesigns on the construction. Originally, I thought of using teak or wooden slats to create the sculpture but because this will be in a public place with kids and people I decided to move to using a welded steel structure. This way people wont get hurt because of pinching.

John Baker posted an awesome idea for me to work on. “What would a kid’s lasertag gun look like if it was designed by apple?”

Here is what I have come up with so far but I am going to keep going with the form. I am going to need to refine this for Apple’s branding.

I think this turned out pretty cool. After doing some modeling, I started thinking about how Apple would incorporate a lasertag gun. Possibly having an app created that would run the gun and the game. The app would work on the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The game could come with arm strap for the devise and headphones. The app could display a compas to your opponents and give sound alerts.