Design Travels


Just starting to plan a trip to some places in Europe this summer.

Has any one got any great ideas on places, events or things, I should go and see on my travels. I like to expand my knowledge of design and influences in different places I go to so design related places, events or things to see would be great.

So far the plan is to visit - Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech republic and the Ukrane.

Any ideas would be great,


Spain is a must!

Barcelona(if youre a Gaudi fan) and Madrid


I like London a lot. There’s a lot to see there from Museums, to little shops, and some great clubs.

On the opposite end of things, a quick tour of Northern Italy can be very inspirational. Lake Cuomo, San Gimniano, Sienna, maybe swing over to Venice …

it depens on what you want too see. Many major cities have design museums. I enjoyed the Bauhuas museum, and the Kunst Gewerbe (applied arts) museum in Berlin. the Stedelijk Museum in amsterdam was good, they had a good furniture design exhibit and some other modern art stuff a few weeks ago when I was there. In paris the pompidiuo centre is cool (i especially loved the gift shop) and theres another modern art museum in paris. Check out shopping in the cities you go to as well. There’s a lot of good design on tthe shelves of some of those shops. Berlin-o-mt in berlin is a cool design store, and I know there are others. I found zurich to have a lot of design oriented shops and museums too. Hope this helps.