Design to save prostitutes

So, I’ve heard about the belief that growing up with good design makes you smarter and a “better” person, but this is probably a stretch. It would seem that the dutch think that by surrounding prostitutes with good design, along with training them in another field, they will stop selling their bodies.


cute answer, If by no better than prostitutes, you mean that we sell our “talents” for money, you are loosely correct. I cannot claim to be any more morally righteous that a prostitute, because selling their bodies for money is probably not in conflict with their moral systems, and I would never imply that my beliefs were more or less correct that anyone else’s.

It is interesting that the dutch govt seems to think that some vocational classes, designer cloths and furniture can straighten out some of their sex industries problems.

I think this is a sad story in so many ways. If prostitutes are willing participants, I don’t see how a few little toys are going to change their career choice. If they are in prostitution due to economic and social reasons, this is a useless gesture as well, because obviously their problems go deeper than their wardrobe. On top of all of this, there are city officials that think this will work because of their lack of understanding for what these women go through. Sad, sad and sad.

Deez: if you mean we are all whores because we compromise for clients, designers aren’t alone. I like a quote I saw in a Sonic Youth album: “Once the music leaves your head, it’s already compromised”. I think that goes for any career.

I think I agree with you 914, I think the story should talk more about the vocational training, unless that really wasn’t a great program either. It sounds like it could be a good idea but needs a bit more thought, there seems to be a little too much faith in the strength of good design to change lives in this case.

It seems they are treating the symptoms, rather that the cause.

Seems to me that these are all incentives to acquire vocational training… the most important part of the program. Regardless of why anyone is in the business, like many products this one has a life cycle that is somewhat loosely based on the age of the sex worker. And in that sense, any kind of preparation for a second career will only help when the time comes to get out of the business.