Design textbooks?

Hey, design students of the world, what design related textbooks are required reading at your school?

Industrial design - John Hesket

Design History, an introduction - Susann Vihma
Summary of design, starting at the 18th century. Great book, not sure if its translated to english. Mainly text though.

Design of everyday things - Donald A.Norman

Those were the books we were required to read during our freshman year. Think Susann Vihmas was the best one imo. (was also the one i just dug up to give you the title, because you asked for something similar in another thread)

There was a great book that covered Swedish design history focusing more on big picture factors (social change, technology leaps etc) and designers, in order to explain the object. A great book, too bad it’s only in Swedish…

The Industrial Design Reader

This isn’t exactly a text book, but it’s a great collection of essays,articles, manifestos, etc. that is great for thinking about design in a larger context.