Design Success: Hyundai?

Exhibit one: 2011 Hyundai Tucson

I can’t find a photo that does the magnificent surfacing on the side of this vehicle to life. I can’t help but stare at every Tucson I see. It’s magnetic.

Exhibit two: 2011 Kia Sportage (might be Euro-only)

Just wonderful.

Something that I really like about both of these cars is they feel dynamic and futuristic, like I imagine S. Korea to be. Something that I’m not sure about is how masculine they feel. Perhaps I’m being too sensetive though…?

I think they’ve been making very good progress, they’re definitely not in the same yugo category they were in when they first started. I’ve been noticing cars on the road recently that have made me take a second look only to then see surprisingly that they’re Hyundais.

I saw a Tuscon the other day and was delighted. I’ve said it before, and others disagree, but I love the Genesis sedan.

I’ve definitely been impressed with Kia and Hyundai, definitely done some double takes in the past couple of months with both brands.

The Genesis sedan is a really solid looking car, I got the chance to sit in a fully tricked out model and everything felt really really solid, high quality, and honest. I know alot of styling elements are borrowed but it all came together to make a really solid car.

The Genesis Coupe has never really done it for me, and is the only standout 'kinda-fugly" car Hyundai has left in my opinion. I actually prefer the last production iteration of the Tiburon over the Coupe. Something about the front end that just looks a little droopy and unrefined.

Individually, those Hyundai products look great. The over all packaging is well proportioned, and the surfacing looks well resolved.

But as a brand, they might be lacking that one signature design detail that makes a car “Hyundai”. (I don’t know what that is, or what it should be). I do see many details shared between the products above, but I see those same details on the competitors as well.