Design submission to IKEA?

Does any one know what it takes to pitch a design to IKEA?

I have a childerns furniture/storage design that would fit into there market. Do they accept external designs?


it’s in the FAQ on their website

No it isn’t.

Cannot tell if they accept external work but I found this on the USA site.

Please note that product development is located in Älmhult, Sweden. This means all the following positions are only available in Sweden.

Examples of work areas in this business type are:

Product developer
The product developer has comprehensive control over creating new products and developing existing ones, based on customer needs.

Product technician
The product technician is responsible for all technical aspects in the product development process.

Product editor
The product editor ensures the customer has all the printed information they need when purchasing the product.

Product support
The product support is responsible for the quality of the development process from the initial phase to end customer.

Supply planner
The supply planner is responsible for the supply chain of products and ensuring their availability in the stores.

Commercial manager
The commercial manager is responsible for securing a successful meeting between product range and end customer.



this was not only accepted by IKEA for manufacture but they hired the student and sent him to Sweden to work for them. I have no other details about how it happened as I was just told his story by the head of the school during a tour. You could email the school to find out?