design studio images!

I have been assigned the task of redesigning our design office! 3 of us in here, lots of room, 2 blank walls as a canvas!

Any ideas or opinions on this?

Also I thought it might be a cool idea to post images of your design studio!

Hey! wouldn’t it be nice in addition do build a google earth database with studio locations?

That would be fun :slight_smile:


Here’s two pictures of my studio spaces from Spring 2006. The desk is my personal studio space for my ten-week senior thesis sustainable hiking backpack project (Yeago).
The large room was an area of the design studio my 7 person design team took over to brainstorm and design Stauro, a 3-wheeled concept vehicle. There was a secret shelf (maybe 5.5’x3’x3’) behind the pink foam “wall” that I slept in at least 4 days a week during those ten weeks. When class would start at 9AM, on 2 hours of sleep I would open the wall and walk into class.
Fun times.