Design studies (requirements etc.)

Hi, I’m from Poland and I’m planning to study Design, hopefully abroad. I’m still in first class of high school and I was wandering what requirements does good design college have and what can I do to increase my chances in getting there. I attend special profile class, which aim is to prepare us for architecture studies, so there is really a lot of drawing lessons , history of art and maths ( are these subjects important). I’m also preparing to take up CEA in next year. It’s really important for me to get into good school abroad, so I would be grateful If you told me what is essential to practice and learn etc. Also what schools do you recommend in Europe not only in terms of quality of teaching but also concerning campus, sport facilities ( I have some successes in Tennis, would It help me? ) and social life. I’m sorry for asking so many questions but It’s really hard for me to obtain any informations about design schools, and their requirements. I would be really appreciated If you helped me. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll give a fair disclaimer that I know zero about the European schooling system, I can only speak to my experiences as a recent college grad in America who went through this process 5 or 6 years ago. Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. As far as preparation to help get into a design program, my personal bias would lean towards trying to get involved in actual activities that relate to design. Classes are great, but getting involved is better. Find design related opportunities within your school or community. Help out with graphic design tasks(maybe a school newspaper, etc), build things as much as possible(theater sets, shop class)—anything that will expose you to creative, collaborate, hands-on thinking and doing.

  2. Get in touch with schools that you’re interested to. At least in schools in the US, you could ask any admissions office, design professor, or design student this question and they’d love to talk to you. If you can visit a school, find a professor within the design program and talk to them. Talk to admissions officers about what it takes to get into a program, get lunch with some of the students and ask about portfolios, etc.—be curious and listen.

Thank you ! I really appreciate this. If I may ask is It difficult for you to find decent job after graduating??? What are your perspectives assuming that you are really good designer?

Thanks alot i will apply for Designing course…

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