design students these days?

why is it that there are so many posts these days from design students wanting ideas for projects? All I can say is that if these students are the future of design we are all in trouble!

so we are, mate. so we are.

i think its because a lot of us realize that we are not gods, and that we will miss all the possibilities for designs in our project criteria. its a modesty thing. have you ever shared your project with someone and they gave you feedback and you were like “wow, why didnt i think of that?” when you share your ideas and others share feedback on yours, the design world becomes stronger. i mean, throw out the stupid ideas from the people who dont get it, but i would guarantee that if you discuss your project with outsiders they will have a lot to say from the outsider point of view, a view that you cannot take bc you are the one already immersed in the project and probably have become partial to some design possibilities.


a lot of young designers look to people with experience in design processes, something that they havent developed yet.

they arent void of ideas, they just want some constructive criticism.

I think the internet has made it easier these days to ask these questions, but make mistakes and make them often in school. You may well develop a better process through trial and error. Ask for our help after you are working for us… I am not trying to be cruel, it is just this trial and error in school IS part of the process, not something to eliminate.

I agree that sharing ideas is a good thing, I do it. However I first come up with the concept, the idea, the strategy, the rationalization… I do not ask for some one to come up with the overall direction!

I agree-but i want to help them- I think they should be talking with there peers and professors. I think for us to come up with an intital concept isnt the best way about getting things done- But if someone is stuck and needs help them i am more willing and understanding-and agree. But post what you have thought of and what you are doing and why you are stuck-I think people with road blocks-if you make your posts more thorough and detailed then it really helps in giving crit. and advice + suggestions.

I think coroflot-shouldnt be the first place you go to get an idea or help- and so close to your deadline-but hey-we all have different circumstances and we dont know the whole story or sitautions-so i will help out-and hopefully they learn and grow from there experiences-

(it is kinda wierd how they are all kinda within these last couple of days-maybe now that spring break is over for some students its back to work at school-but they’re mind is still on spring break-this has happend to me-even tho i never did anything on spring break-sukked)