Design students need your help!!!!!

Design students need your help!!! We are a group of product designers at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, who are currently doing a study on kitchen utensils. Please help us by filling out this online questionnaire, its only 15 questions and will only take a minute of you time. We are in the processes of designing a kitchen utensil for a class project and would appreciate your impute. Any questions please contact thank you for your time!!!

please visit

thanks you for your time you help is greatly appreciated!!

did it

did it. But you will find it much more usefull talking to people.

thank you guys…i need all the responses i can get…im also loitering in many store fronts and doing interviews as well!

what the heck is going on here… a student showing effort? awesome. survey completed.

did it

i just answered the survey

btw i work at a company that designs kitchen utensils for major brands… if you have any specific questions you’re more than welcome to send them my way