Design Students- Drawing/Drafting Desk and Easel?

Hi, I’m going to be a freshman design student this coming fall (for product design, to be more specific)

I was wondering what kind of drawing/drafting desk would be recommended to have in my dorm?
Or, if you are also a design student, what kind of drawing/drafting desk do you have?

Is it better to buy one in time for move-in
or is it better to buy one after I see what classes (and assignments) are like?

Is it even recommended to have a drawing/drafting desk?
I heard that some people just buy a wood board, and use that on an easel.

What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance!

Get a desk where you can fit your computer (laptop or monitor&keyboard) and most of your pens/markers, whilst being able sketch on at the same time with out having to move anything around to much. You will do both at the same time so better just get used to it.

I myself prefer desks where the top surface is as hard and smooth as possible. Its annoying to draw on if it’s either uneven, making the lines less smooth, or just dents easy getting ugly marks on the lines. I always have a single sheet , never a full pad of paper underneath. Not making life to easy for myself now that i come to think of it.

It doesnt have to be expensive though, be creative. Rather spend the cash on a good chair.

For example, something like this from ikea could work well.
You could even throw in some kind of light underneath and have your own light-table for tracing sketches. (I’ve actually thought of jigsaw-modding my own desk to be able to do something similar)

I would stay away from stuff like this atleast.

Will your dorm have a desk in it already? You might wait to see your dorm and how much room you have. Dorms are tiny, especially if you’re sharing a room. I used to draw anywhere BUT my dorm. Get a drawing board and you can draw outside, on campus…

ditto that.

Thanks for all three of these answers!
They are very helpful!

Is there a recommended size/dimension for a drawing board?
Or is that just personal preference?

I’m not sure how “the kids” are doing it these days, but it seems like a large format clipboard would be great… nobody wants to draw bigger than a scanner bed anymore.

I see
Thanks again for your answers