design stores in paris

(i am posting this in response to a posting on the now-invisible old General Design Discussion from somebody named Ariel-something …who was going to Paris in a few days and was looking for design resources…)

Collette, near the Louvre on Faubourg St Honore, is the absolute epitome of what you are talking about, and the coolest rotating collection of designed stuff anywhere. Everything is in there.

There’s a row of neat furniture shops along St Germain in the 6th or 5th.

For chairs - Etat de Siege - on Quai Conti in the 6th.

I bought some shoes once from a place on Etienne Marcel called Ron Orb - I think he’s from Mars.

If you look in a bookstore or magazine shop once there, you may find a copy of Intramuros magazine - which puts out a definitive listing of everything you mention in your posting. Some info may also be at their website -

the Tube, cool shoe store near Pompedue Center

the Jewish Quarter has some great shops

thanks slippyfish and hey
I freaked when i saw they’d erased all the boards as i knew you had left something but i hadn’t had a chance to write it down. thanks for following up!

you’re welcome. please post again when you return. it will be good to hear about what you discover once you are in the city!