design spotted on tv

i was watching an episode of “Oz” on hbo this weekend. some riot broke out during the episode. i saw a chair i had a hand in designing fly across the screen. it was designed for prisons and institutional use. i LOL’d.

I saw one of the desks I designed for Office Max on American Idol last year. They ran a segment on two asian sisters who were auditioning and I spotted my desk in their house in the background. :slight_smile:

I think this is this some kind of right of passage for a furniture designer…

Saw a chair I worked on in Fast and Furious 2 (can’t believe I admit to watching it… :blush: ). Probably was owned by whomever’s house they used for the particular scene, not purchased for props (too much $$$). I’ve had many things in magazines, but never anything on TV that I’m aware of. We did donate some furniture for Extreme Home Makeover, but it wasn’t anything I had contributed to.

the magazine spots are good, but you always seem to know when they will be there and they often use the glamour shot from the press release or brochur. when you see it on tv or a movie, it’s sort of surprising because it’s unexpected.

save the spray, bre’.