Design specific questions during interview

Hey folks, lend a hand to a someone looking for a new job. Minus the obvious interview questions: why are you interested in us, what are your strengths, weaknesses etc:

Please list some design and unique related questions you’ve been asked or asked of them in the past so that I may prep my possible answers to such hardballs. Thanks, a lot in advance.

i had a weird one a couple weeks ago, albeit for an engineering design position… “What does design mean to you?”

It was a little tough to formulate a reasonable response on the spot…

How about this one, got it in two different interviews:

Assume that we were a prospective client who has never used design services in the past, and we contacted you becuase we were courious what you design might offer. In 30 seconds tell me what benifits to my company and product line your services can provide. By the way we are the market leader and have no real compitition. GO!

Sorry hit submit to soon, and this was for an entry level possition. with only a one semester internship for experiance.

I also have a few others that were very thoought provoking and make you knowlege of the design process very apparent:

All design firms have methodalogy or process in place. Here is a piece of blank paper, on it please diagram your ideal development process from managment contacting you with a potential project to submitting the final design to manufacturing. Also next to each step in the process list what disciplines of people would be included in the development team.

As a designer what other disciplines do you have experiance working with in the past? And more importantly which disciplines do you anticipate working with in the future? From these which one do you feel you can learn and benifit the most from?

And my favorite one of all time:
Why do you want to be a designer? or worded in another way "What made you choose to be a designer? (These get to revieling your passion and resistance to burning out in a fast pased enviroment. So never lie tell the truth and be vary passionate about it, even throw in what you ultimate goal is)

Hey 27,

Don’t know if these questions fit in with the obvious ones but…

  1. How would you distinguish yourself from the other Industrial Designers applying to this position?

  2. In what way would you think that working at could help you reach your career goal(s)?

  3. (Scenario) Imagine you are in a room of people (non-designers), and had to explain to them what you do (I guess, as a Product Designer). How would you describe your role as a designer to them? … I think that this question is similar to <random’s> “What does design mean to you?” question…

Anyway, these were questions asked during my Entry-Level/Junior position days (more from execs. in mid-size co., and small design firms, rather than HR people). Not many more were unique… I find that most interview questions were reiterated, but in different ways, dep. on the position…

Other than that, you could also expect some technical questions as well. All you need to do is research the company that you are applying to, find out everything you can about them, and pretty much… know your stuff!! If not, say that you CAN learn…

One more thing… questions that you should expect to get are one thing, but from my experiences, the types of questions that YOU ask the person (or people) interviewing you, could also present your character in their highest regard as well.

Good luck!