Design Software Links

(This list is no longer updated, so links may no longer work.)

Following is a list of time-unlimited Learning Edition, Free and/or Open Source software:

2D Image/Vector Applications

ArtRage (WIN/MAC)

Deep Paint 2.0 (WIN)

FuturePaint 2.0b0 (MAC)

Gimp: GNU Image Manipulation Program (WIN/MAC)

Gimp normalmap plugin

Inkscape (WIN/MAC)

Paint.NET (WIN)

Project Dogwaffle 1.2 (WIN/LINUX)

3D Modelers and Utilities

Alias StudioTools PLE (WIN) {note: 304mb. not what d/l site says}

Alias Maya PLE (WIN/MAC)

Alibre Design Xpress (WIN)

Art of Illusion (WIN/MAC/LINUX/Others)

Ayam (WIN/MAC/*IX)

Blender3D (WIN/MAC)

Meshlab (Platform Independent?)

Rhino 3D (WIN)

SharpConstruct (WIN/LINUX)

SoftImage|XSI EXP (WIN/MAC?)

Terragen Scenary Creation/Rendering (WIN/MAC)


Some big list #1

Solid Edge 2D CAD (WIN XP)

SeaSolution V1 (WIN?)

3D Renderers

3Delight (WIN/MAC)

Brazil “Rio” Plugin for 3DStudioMax/Autocad “VIZ” (PC)

Indigo (WIN)

Kerkythea (WIN/LINUX)

Lucille (WIN/MAC)

Pixie (WIN/MAC) {in Beta}


Renderman Repository for links to convertors, aso

Toxic (WIN)

Virtualight (WIN)

YafRay (WIN/MAC/more)

Design Support Applications

ajaxWrite (MAC/WIN/LINUX) {browser-based}

BaseCamp Project Collaboration [Internet]

DIY Planner Storyboards (PDF template)

Ether {net-based consulting tool}

Google Analytics (internet-based)

JS Portal net-based project tracker (WIN/MAC/…) {free up to 3 users}

OpenOffice (WIN/MAC)

Siteseed (WIN/MAC/LINUX/more)

Thumb Plugs (WIN)

trying to limit the list. hopefully these will be practical. design-relevant applications. browsers and firewalls dont count. neither do most free 3D apps i know.

could use links to open-source 2D programs. know there are Flash-like apps available. dont know if they’re any good. will trust if you suggest something its of practical value.

the Paint.NET one is new. feedback on it appreciated. havent used or heard much. might be worthless.

heard SolidWorks has a Learning Edition. advise w link please.

didnt check PTC, Think3, CATIA or other CAD apps. same. advise w link please.

same w 3DStudio. could only find 30-day trial for Max.

i’ve used lots of file convertors. lost track of whats good (have a clean path now). remind me of the free ones you like.

didnt post renderers. people getting that deep probably can find best renderer for their modeler. if you have an exception. post a link and tell us about it. the initial post is meant to be edited.

almost forgot. if anything sprouts ad-ware or similar, please warn us. apps sometimes add those things w upgrade versions. hopefully no app on the list will have unwanted Easter eggs.

Why no free renderers? Please, just 2 or 3!! Pretty please!!!

i’m easy.

havent used those renderers. some look pretty good. if you try one and its overly difficult, please tell us. some will be. i’ll remove the ones that arent straightforward practical. but need people to tell us which are and arent.

how about some input? MAC opensource. 2D apps. would like to know of opensource Flash-like apps. or Illustrator knock-offs. and support apps. converters. utilities. etc.

thanx for the renderers. I’m on mac but don’t know about the whole open source stuff for 2-d, so many programs-too little time to learn well so I stick with the basics/standards. Just getting into modeling so open to learn anything I can get my hands on.

Found this info from somewhere, dont’ know the programs though. for image editing for vector grafics

Linux and Windows versions and are open source.

gimp already listed. that inkscape i saw posted. and forgot about. thanks. add it now.

article about Office replacements -,39023769,39181333,00.htm

shareware. adware. freeware. and maybe an open-source (haven’t read entire article.

added ArtRage

added Gimp normalmap plugin. not seen it before. there’s one for PS but easy to find.

Joost made his case w me and i’ve added JS Portal to the above list.

just added Thumb Plugs. probly old news but new to me. these are plugins to view images for Targa (tga), SoftImage (pic), and Maya (iff) in Explorer. haven’t installed yet, feedback would be good if not working.

Alias ImageStudio 30 day free trial


just added couple.

Art of Illusion has been around. known of it. but recent behind scenes activity suggests it may get CADified. somewhat. worth keeping an eye on.

Project Dogwaffle is also not new. but i lost track of it. has resurfaced (for me) on a forum thread discussion. new version appears more capable.

i’ve not used either app. if you want to post a comment on usefullness, please do.

Ambient Design announces ArtRage 1.1 for Apple Macintosh OS X

link description above modified to reflect the new support.

added Deep Paint 2.0

added Alibre Design Xpress (available to all for free starting August 1, 2005.)

new version of Terragen is available. still free.

added Siteseed. open source webpage design software. looks pretty nice but haven’t used it. comments from anyone who’s used it appreciated.