Design Skething by KEEOS design books... should I buy it?

Hi, I´m an industrial designer but my sketching skills are not really good, i could say I suck… but I do very good with some sketching software like rhinoceros 3D.

I just saw this new book called Design Skething by KEEOS design books… you can check it out on

But I dont know if this book is really going to help me improving my sketching (by hand) skills… has any body bought this book already?? is it worthy??

I appriciate if you can help me… should I by this book or not…?? any other book on sketching (for industrial, producto designers) for begginers??

ciao! :smiley:

The kids on pdf say it’s real good, filled with current style sketching and rendering as opposed to those old japanese pastel books. Plenty of free info right here to get you started.

thanks for the help… i´ll check it out. :smiley:

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