Design sketching

Hi all,

I am currently studying Engineering wit Product Design, but there is not too much of a design unfortunately… I was curious if any one knows a place in Europe ,anywhere, where I could attend design sketching course in the summer time?
I know that there are books etc, got them all but its always easier when someone will show you and supervise you, right?
Plz just throw some links, and I will check it out. I would really appricate any help!


I dont know about sketching courses, but another alternative is to start sketching and post on here. Most of the people who frequent these forums are very nice and will be helpful to you as you progress. Best part about it is its free, so start drawing and posting. good luck

start by buying Scott robertsons DVD from Gnomon workshop. Think its called basic sketching or something similar. Im sure you can find some clips from it on youtube.

Then after a while you start posting here like previous posters say.

Something that you may find really helpful is to find ID sketches and copy them exactly. ID sketching is fundamental to the discipline and utterly unique. If you can find some good examples of ID sketching (possibly even here on the discussion boards), it will help you to copy them. Once you get the hang of things you can start sketching your own designs, and with any luck find a course or a mentor to help you along the way…

The best thing that is available out on the web, in my opinion, is this: