"Design Sketching" Book

Wondering if anyone has read this book and if so how would they rate it?
Also, does anyone know where to get a copy in the US so I don’t have to pay $20! shipping. Any help is appreciated. thanks

Here is a link to the book

I got the book.

I like it a lot get to see a lot of different drawing styles and sketches in various stages of development. As a teaching tool I would say it was good but not excellent. Instruction is slightly limited.

Would recommend the gnomon series of DVDs particularly Scott Robertson. If you are looking for teaching aids.

I agree with ‘Razor143’ its a cool book with lots of nice sketches but not really a book of how to sketch…the Scott Robertson DVD’s are really really good

Thanks for your responses. I already have a couple of the gnomon dvd’s and they’re great, but I just got a new job and I figured I could shell out some cash on a new book if it was helpful.

Just to echo the above responses, the examples are all great, but I wish it had more instruction/tutorials. If you can swing it for $20, thats a good deal.

Our school ordered them in bulk so that students could pick it up without paying the shipping charges…I’d look and see if you can talk to a librarian or book store attendant to see if theres a way to get them to get it in for you.