Design schools today..

Ok hi everyone, i am new to this forum… I just turned 14 so i have quite some time before i got to decide which car design school to send portfolios too…well i live in the U.S. but i would mind having to live in another country if the education is good and i could get a good job after school…
so my question is what CAR design school offers the best program?? thanks and will appreciate feedback!

Thanks ~Mason

I would say the top choices would probably be CCS in Detroit, Art Center in Cali, and probably Royal College of Art in the UK.

This should be a more complete list of Transportation design programs:

Keep in mind that car design is one of the most difficult fields to get into, and the glamour of designing sports cars as a teenager might wear off when you’re designing minivan cup holders. :laughing:

RCA is only postgraduate.

In the UK there is Coventry which has Transport Design as a degree

… and I read somewhere recently it’s creating new degrees in specific areas of product and automotive design (ie toy design, motorcycle design…). Last years show…

As far as I know there are only 2 degree courses in the UK for Car/Transport design, can’t remember where the other course is.

well i know a bunch of people say it will wear off…but i really want to be a car designer and im going to do what ever it takes…thanks for the feedback…

Ah to be young and un-jaded. You WILL have to design doorhandles for like 10 years, but I say go for it.

Make sure to design one that flies. Its 2008. Where the f*ck is my flying car???

sorry but i dont know what your talking about…“doorhandles” “un-jaded”??

that’s a lot of negativity albeit potentially a dose of reality, but no need to step on dreams of a 14 yo.

other than CCS and ArtCenter …

CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art) has some good stuff going on stateside.

outside of US I would consider:

Strate College in France

Pforzheim in Germany

Huddersfied has a trans program in the UK which is meant to be allright and i think that Northumbria has one… might be mistakened on the northumbria one though

ok thanks for the feedback, everyone…

CCS! If you want to get into designing cars, or whatever, sketch like crazy and get passing grades in high school, take art, drafting electives, and auto shop electives, and put together a rocking portfolio for your school entrance review.

I say passing (decent) grades because you don’t need to 4.0 and ace the SAT/ACT to get into design, you need to showcase talent with a great portfolio, any art or design related extra curricular stuff won’t hurt either.

You’re probably already doing most of this stuff, but if I could do things over I would have done more…good luck!

yea i think CCS would be my first pick, then prob. ACCD, and right now i have a 4.0 and i usually always make good grades, and am in a class at school called “talented art” its an above level art class…thanx man for the comment!

University of Cincinnait has one of the most respected programs in Industrial Design in the world. They also have a very good program in Transportation Design. It combines strong conceptual training with strong practical training as a result of their paid coop programs.

DEFINITELY check their program out. Their transportation design program is found in their school of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP)