design schools online

i know the last message was saying the poster should not bother trying to do a id course online, but that is a bit snobbish, not everyone has the time to take 3 or more years off work and go back to college. I for one am one of them, i have set up my own company and am trying to teach myself at the moment, while also working on my existing designs, and looking for places to get them manufactured, i know of a few sites offering courses, design boom has a teaching site - design aerobics
Apart from that i have been drawing a blank, if anyone else knows of any courses let me know

I’m in a similar position as the person who posted above.
I’m a designer and would like to go back to school to earn a MA degree or equivalent in ID (open to going anywhere out of the country, if affordable). But I live in NYC for the moment and need to work and can barely afford to return to school here.
So if anyone knows of any online courses or a list of books required by Pratt’s ID program, for instance and coursework to teach myself while I seek conventional schools, that would be helpful to me as well.

check with that school in san franisco. they have are will have online ID-transpertation design :smiley:

what is the name of the san fran school :laughing:

Academy of art college


really, how did you hear about Academy of Art offering an onlne ID degree?
I checked out their site, but didnt see anything saying ID/Trans design? That would be kick ass if it worked…havent figured that out yet…can you explain more?

just check back with them. get a catalog from them and I think its in that.other than shot them a email.