design schools in Canada

I’m a french design student, and I whant to continue my studies in Canada, in particular in Montreal.
Any one who knows more about schools in Canada?
I found some schools but it’s difficult to have some jugement.
If some one can tell me about the life, in particular for a designer, it will be great to!
With a bit of luck, a french student in Canada will contact me :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

So, nobody know something about canada’s schools…What a pity! :cry:

I know about schools in Ontario, but not Quebec. Sorry…

Why not!
I am interisted about the Ontario college of art & design. Do you know this school?
Maybe you’ ve got some other schools in Ontario to recommand me?

I graduated from OCAD, but I can’t say that I would recommend the program these days. Carleton seems to have their sh!t together when it comes to ID programs lately, and Humber is not too far behind.

Being in Ottawa, Carleton is only an hour and a half outside of Montreal (depending on traffic).

There are tidbits of useful info among the garbage here: Hey Listen Up i.d. students of Canada !! - #15 by A-Line

univeristy of montreal has a great design program. concordia also has a program, whcih they call “design arts”, but it’s more of an applied arts program. montreal is pure ID with some trans.

carleton is sweet too…although i may be a tad bias :wink:

thank you for your reply ( and the link :sunglasses: )
I can see more clearly now! I am going to contact them to know how i can do to register :unamused: :smiley:
But if someone know something else!!!

I had planed on going to alberta for ID and was wondering if anyone had opinions about there courses. It seems that i hear only about Carlton and Ontario. Are these schools the best choice as far as learning?

any help is greatly appreciated.

in montreal you have universite de montreal as well as a design program at dawson college (cegep)

BUT- carleton rules 4EVER

We had a French exchange student while I was at Carleton, so perhaps your school has or can develop some kind of educational relationship.
Though Monteal would be a sweet choice as they have a good program as well as a great city. Plus you can do your studies in french.

giggles remembering fun times w french exchange students

I Think Montreal is a good choice too!
I am interested about the master “design et complexité”, at Université de montreal.
Somebody know something about this program?

Hi Zu :slight_smile:

OCAD aint that good of a school. IS caleton a french school? But yeah the one in MOntreal is good, thats what I’ve heard.


I graduated from Carelton B.I.d (Co-op, Honors) (2001).

IMHO, I think the program is a great foundation for usable ID skills, although a bit conseravative in its approach.

The best thing about the program is its is very technical and multidisciplinary. Required courses include business, psychology, calculus, statics, and lots more science and math.

In addition some great mass production technology courses covering everything from injection molding to sheet metal forming.

not that’ll likely to use all the maths, but its very useful if you are sitting opposite an engineer and can at least hold your own.

As well, thy have a pretty solid shop with a metal, plastics and wood lab including vac forming and the other usual shop tools.

Studio courses as said are pretty traditional and more reality based than asrtsy concept style, but again, a solid foundation for a good career. I’ve interviewed lots of students from various programs (OCAD, Humber, montreal, etc.), but have always found CUSID students to be a little more grounded and usable in a ready-to-go way. But maybe im just biased to my alma mater.


thanks for your informations!
There is some various interesting schools. The teaching systems looks great, less pointlessness than in France I think.
It will be interesting to go in an english school, but I have to improve my english :unamused: :smiley:

I’ve got another question, not in the subject but if someone know something!
Is there some work for designers in Canada?
I would like to work during my studies as much as possible…

Thanks :smiley:

There is work everywhere depending on your skills, experience and portfolio!

Best of luck and welcome to Canada if you do come.

Bievenue au Canada!


Thank you ^^