Design schools for Masters Degree??

Hi, I am a 4th year (senior) product design student, currently doing my graduation internship. I plan to apply for packaging design (Master’s degree) at IED in Milan. Does anyone know how good it is? The program seems pretty good, as they say that we would work on live company projects for our school projects. If not this , I am planning to a Master’s degree in graphic design (as i eventually want to get into packaging design).I have applied to SCAD and plan to apply to Academy of Art…any suggestions?! cause i am really confused on where to go…

I would recommend you take some time before getting a masters to work in the real world of design. I think you will get a lot more out of your masters degree if you have real (non internship) work experience. You may even find that you dont need a masters degree. I know that i learned more in my first year of work than i did in all 4 years of college. That knowledge will help you understand what it is you really want to get out of you masters program, other than just a higher lvl degree. Good luck to you.

thanks a lot for replying :slight_smile:
yes, i agree we get to learn a lot while working, but the thing is i want to change my field (go into packaging design). when people see a product design major, they think i am not suitable for packaging design (cause they usually associate it with graphic design). also, i know sooner or later, i would want to learn graphic design, so i thought why not just finish my education right now…

You can learn enough about packaging design without getting a degree in it. This is unless you get into package engineering. A master’s program should compliment your existing skill set, I would suggest looking into an MBA after you’ve developed some work experience.

You’ll be more marketable as an individual.

thanks for replying :smiley:
nope, i don’t want to get into package engineering. MBA? hmm i haven’t really thought of that :confused: would design management be a better option rather than an MBA??!

Personally, I don’t think so. Your undergrad and professional career will make up the “design” aspect of design management. An MBA will get you on the other side of the fence (finance, account, etc.). You should be able to put the two together and be able to maintain work in the design industry.

hmmm this has got me thinking about an MBA. (although i do still want to do a course in graphic/packaging design)
thanks for the advice anyways :smiley: :smiley: