Design school on a Budget?

Hi all, I’ve been lurking around the board all semester, but haven’t really posted anything. I need some help…

I just finished my first semester at the University of Louisiana and I haven’t been overly impressed with the department. Given the cost of tuition, I really can’t beat it…I don’t think. Are there any other reasonably priced schools in the US for ID? I’m thinking I’ll just stick it out and supplement my studies with summer workshops and studies abroad. What would be the best way to persue this route? Thanks for the input…


I went to both an expensive private school and a state school during my undergrad. I moved to the state school because I changed majors and it had a better program, but I actually paid MORE at the state school because my financial aid package and scholorship situation was not as good. I still would have had more loans from going to private school, but the out-of-pocket expense at the time was less.

If you want to transfer, apply to multiple schools and see what sort of aid/scholorship package you get. Don’t rule out expensive schools and NEVER assume you will not get financial aid.

– Ian

I would stick with a university as you will get a well rounded education. If you would like to do graduate studies, then I would go to a specialized academy. As for workshops, you can always enroll for individual classes and pay by the unit at academies. I think it averages about 550 per unit. It’s a little expensive, but you may be able to make it back in networking assets. Find an instructor that you look up to and make sure to make an impression. I’m actually thinking about going back to do this exact thing. I think the academies are pretty good for their rapid viz, and model building classes.

reality check.
your education sets you up for your career. to me “saving” money on education means selling your future career short and setting yourself up for low initial wages. I am not by any means saying go to the most expensive school however you should find out which school best fits your profession. if you are going for industrial design then I will suggest univ of cincinnati, univ of wi-stout, univ of chicago or san jose state univ. this schools are in the affordable range and they have great history of successful designers in the professional environment. for my money go to cincinnati…their internship program makes the students the absolute best due to required real world experience prior to graduating.

now on expensive schools. I went to one. I racked up 50000bucks worth of debt. I payed for and am still paying for it myself. AND! I am doing great. I am quite comfortable and make plenty to make my payments. In the beginning it was scary committing to that kind of investment. but like all investments you look for a return based on performance. I was greatly prepared when leaving school thus my performance has been excellent and the pay reflects that…plus I love what I do so how could life be better?

now if I knew now what I didn’t know then I would go to cincinnatti. the students there, the designers I have worked with from there are the absolute best…both killer designers and quite well rounded people.

chose wisely. you get what you pay for.

“I would stick with a university as you will get a well rounded education.”-from above

I have heard the well-rounded arguement many times. I attended both a State U and a private U and both were well rounded. Furthermore you go to the program that best fits your chosen career direction. The best programs offer classes that provide the “well-rounded” aspect mentioned above.

Personally I think the well rounded University arguement is pointless and false.

univ of cincinnati, univ of wi-stout, univ of chicago or san jose state univ

The University of Chicago is a private school, and I don’t think theyhave ID. I think this person meant IIT, also in Chicago. The other schools mentioned are state universities with solid ID programs.

I know you said in the USA, but Ottawa’s only about 300 kilometers from the border. CUSID is ranked among the best ID programs in north america…I’ve heard it described (from practising designers) as one of the top 5.

Socialist country = $15k USD for residence and tuition. For canadians it’s about $13k CAD.

Yes, I know I keep plugging my school, but it really is amazing. Besides, as the beach boys said…

…I say, ‘what’s the matter buddy? Ain’t you heard of my school? It’s number one in the state!’/So be true to your school…