Design School Application Portfolio

I am looking to study at either RMIT in Australia doing Industrial and Product Design or AUT in New Zealand doing Product Design.

I am currently doing a marketing degree which I will finish at the end of the year (hopefully :smiley: ).

There issue is, how do I go about creating my portfolio for applying for these schools? I am not 100% sure that I want to study design, as I am also looking at Mechanical Engineering but I want to keep this as an option for 2014.

They have there guidelines here:;ID=BP195

But I honestly do not know where to start. Do you have any suggestions? Or any portfolio websites that would guide me?
What are some key things that I should include that could show my skill?

I have a strong background in art and drawing and copy also.

**Note: I wasn’t too sure if this topic is better suited for the portfolio section or the education one. So sorry in advance if I have categorized it wrong.

Did you check if there are specific requirements by the schools? They often state what they want to see.

AUT requires:

12 to 24 images/photos of your work that are compatible with the major(s) for which you are applying, such as Fashion, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Spatial Design, Textile Design or Visual Arts
Include working drawings where available
Ensure your portfolio includes your best work (because you cannot re-submit or update your portfolio)

Which seems quite vague.

For RMIT from what I can tell, you don’t need an application portfolio unless you are an advanced student, which I’m guessing means your degree will be accelerated.

I would be more seriously looking into RMIT, or even Massey in Wellington over AUT.

AUT is a fairly good degree, nice studio and facilities, good learning environment but lacks the real world focus. Massey is a lot more focused and i’ve only heard good things about RMIT.

Look at the application portfolio as a 50/50 chance to showcase your skill set and your design process. At least 50% of that 24 pages should be made up of 2-4 projects showing some development and design process and the other pages can showcase your specific skill sets; sketching, rendering, model work, cad or whatever.

Be diverse, don’t fill up a portfolio with 24 pages of ideation sketches, rather mix in all the different skill sets you can.