Design Scene, Seattle

I’m going to be down in the Seattle area in the next week, June 15-19, and wanted to know if anyone could recommend any design events, exhibitions or interesting designerly places to visit.

On the IDSA Northwest website I saw that there is the “Designer + Beer + Music = Irregular Music Fest - June 19th”. Is anyone else planning to attend?

any suggestions?

I don’t live there, but definately check out the Public Library by OMA. It’s the bomb.

There is a great ID and Architecture bookstore near the ACE Hotel as well. Some good shops and what not in that area.

Hey YO, are you referring to Peter Miller Books? I always stop by there when in Seattle. Within that same block are a few other design-y stores as well.

yep, that one…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was also told to check out Limn and other furniture stores near pioneer square. Looks like that downtown area will be an interesting walk.

I’m in town for a day or two hitting up a few firms. Good to know about that design nook, I’ll have to check it out if I have the time.