Design scene in St. Paul – Minneapolis?

I’m moving to St. Paul in several weeks, what fun creative things should I check out after I settle in? I’m an IDSA member and all that, is there anything ID going on besides IDSA?

Theres a pretty neat exhibit at the Minneapolis Art Institute involving old renderings and technical drawings from a firm in St.Paul. mostly pens, the berol pencil sharpener and some salt and pepper shakers.

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is always worth visiting

And the Minneapolis Institute of Art has an extensive design and decorative arts collection:

Non-ID related:

Remember- You CANNOT hail a cab at 2:00AM downtown Minneapolis like you can in many other major cities.

Something to think about when you’ve had 3 too many Gin and Tonics and its snowing.

Other than that, there always seems to be something going on. As mentioned, the Walker and MIA are great. The Guthrie theater has some good plays, and the building is quite interesting to say the least.

Its a city that responds well to design, and designers so you should fit right in.

NO smoking in Minnesota either. And if you like to drink at home, either alone or with friends, buy your booze early and if you want it on Sunday, be prepared to drive to Wisconsin.

Does anyone know what this onsale/offsale deal is, we’re new here too.

And even though you asked for non-IDSA, Ill go ahead and tell you our Holiday party is January 17th, If you want to come get a hold of one of the officers.

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices is a must see:

Walker Sculpture Garden is outstanding:

Weisman Art Museum, in a Gehry building:


no smoking? AWESOME.

the cab thing is odd, but it’s good to know.

i might be in st. paul on 17th apartment hunting, maybe i can make it.