Design Scene in Philadelphia

I’ve been trying to make a list of potential design employers in the Greater Philadelphia area, and so far I’m only coming up with Bresslergroup. Are there any other design related employers that anyone is aware of, corporate, consultancy or others?

I’ve found a few Interactive/UI firms but not much in terms of ID work.

Thanks for any help!

Did you search the Design Directory?

Yeah, that was the first place I checked out, Bresselergroup was really the only major one listed. There were about a dozen other listings, most where all 1 or 2 person outfits, or were more graphic/UI leaning than ID, or didn’t have info/website.

For anyone interested found one more, looks like Kohler has some design offices in Bristol, PA about a 30 minute car ride outside of Philly.

Design Science is there. They hires ID grads, but only to run cameras and log research video of surgeries. Entry level IDers are cheaper than pro videographers, plus they get to say “our staff includes industrial designers” in their marketing even when they don’t, you know, do any industrial design.