Design scene in London, UK, EU

Does anybody know how what the ID scene in Europe is like? Specifically, London? Such as, are there any big organizations like the IDSA, Euro sites like Core?

The scene is different for many reasons and Europe is a big place. Can you be more specific?

Specifically London: What are some major firms, designers, events, associations, “present” corporations, product types, salaries, benefits, types of firms? Thanks.

London isn’t in europe…

huh? what school did you go to?

London has a few big design studios here, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Nissan, Yamaha, IDEO, PDD.

Events wise, things happen at the Design council, design museum, V&A, RSA, ICA (Pecha Kuta)…all over the place really. There is always some good uni shows as well, such as free range, new designers, RCA, St Martins…etc The there is a design festival/week thing in sept

There are also a few design collectives such as hidden art, and uk bodies like NESTA supporting designers/entrepreneurs.

Types of firms if you want it will be here from the big names (mentioned above) to high profile ‘super designers’…like Tom Dixon, to lots of smaller consultancy to designer makers…etc

For salaries I would look at coroflots salary survey here: