Design Scene, Denver

I am going to be in downtown Denver in a few weeks. Are there any interesting parts of the city to see? Any local design happenings worth checking out? Thanks.

I’m kind of a Sci-Fi dino fan, and if you’re into that, the morrison formation is right outside of town… you can see dino-footprints and bones right in the small foothill mountains next to the road! Another dino centric thing to do is check the natural history museum - they dig up fossils all over that area when they build things, and most of the time they are sent there (*there are some triceretops in the Denver Bronco’s stadium)

Right near the morrison formation is the Red-Rock ampitheatre, a cool melding of natural rock formations and architecture.

Not really downtown Denver as you had asked, but thought you might be interested. BTW, Colfax just east of the capitol building has some nice bar areas as well…

This is my first post, but I thought a good one to start out with considering I live in Denver. Unfortunately Denver isn’t a hotspot for design, but we’re slowly moving up in the world. If you like contemporary and vintage furniture and housewares, you can check out Z-Modern. The Vance Kirkland museum has a really great collection of old, rare turn of the century housewares as well. The DAM (Denver Art Museum) is always pretty good. For nightlife, try LODO area.

As far as interesting parts of the city, there isn’t much there. Wash Park area and Broadway possibly. Most people come for the mountains, not the city.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

P.S. The IDSA Western District Conference will be in Denver end of April if you are around then.

Not sure when your going to be in town, but you might look at “create denver week”

As far as nightlife goes there is plenty to see, it just depends on what you like. Personaly I don’t like the LoDo scene, but that is just me. There are a lot of really cool bars around town though.

Thanks for the advise. I’ll be in town April 12-16, mainly sticking to the downtown area as I’m traveling without a car. More or less my free time will be in the evening and seeing something like Pecha Kucha sounds like a good time. If anyone’s around I’m up for a meet up.

Is it cold there in April? I’m picturing it as the American version of Calgary.

Bring layers. This time of year can vary wildly. For example, we received almost a foot of snow on Friday and Saturday. However, today it’s in the mid 60’s and I’ve got all the windows open. Mid April should be pretty nice overall, though it can still get cold in the evenings.

A meet up might be fun. Keep me posted.