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I would like to ask ou or an advice:

Having just finished my industrial design studies, I am an entrant into the profesional world and I am in discussions with a known product design consultancy in London.

How much money could or should I earn as a junior product designer in London?
How much money can I ask for if they ask me?

As I have another god job opportunity my tactics would be to ask for more than the average salary to get good money…

What do you think about it?

Thanks in advance for helping me,

I would definitely take the “god” job opportunity. Those don’t come around very often.

Look here: -

Sorry, made some spelling mistakes:

I have a other good job opportunity…

So, what can I ask for?

How is the salary range for juniors? The average seems to be 20.000…

What would be the biggest salary you would talk about?


This all depends on your business experience and maturity overall.

If your straight out of college with little or no real world experience then you will be lucky to get above £20k. You also have to consider living costs, obviously.

If you can demonstrate strong business accumen then you could ask for more, somewhere in the region of £25k possibly. Only you know what you are worth, the lower you start the longer it will take to move upwards financially.

As im sure you are aware, getting a goood job paying decent money, they will be looking for alot more than how well you can design, its about you as a person; your attitude, passion, how well rounded you are etc.

Thats only my opinion based on my experience.

Good luck all the same

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