Design Review Software

When not presenting a physical prototype, what are some good options of software to be used for design review. I’m looking for something that is similar to 3D CAD viewers with visuals closer to renderings, and simple enough to have clients spin around on their ipads.

I would consider something like Keyshot VR.

It’s not a real time rendered model (like 3D PDFs, Edrawings, etc) so you do not have to worry about a clients device not being able to handle it.

I think that the end solution will utilize 360 degree turntable renders as the basis to create the illusion of 3D. With the KeyshotVR it looks like you still have to embed the resulting HTML into a webpage. Ideally I could just open the file in an app, without the worry of upload, client device or browser.

I’ve come across Cl3ver, that fits all the specifications, but unless you are using it as a marketing tool it is prohibitively expensive.

Every device on earth comes with a browser and uploading can easily be done to a free hosting service…these days that’s as low of a barrier to entry as you can get IMO.