Design resolutions

What are your design New Year resolutions? to get new design job? make a green design? maybe you want to leave design now! lol

  1. SKETCH MORE. Sketching has unforftunately been piggybacked by a mental block for me now. I’ve developed a deep hatred for it because I am not satisfied with my skill level, and because of that I have unwisely not focused on more practice and development. I oil paint as a hobby and every time I pick up a brush there is still “magic” involved in exercising my talent. Unfortunately, sketching has become “work” and I can’t remember the last time it felt fun. That really needs to change.

  2. Don’t jump from “napkin sketch” to “final rendering”. I often times “think my way through” ideation and problem solving rather then putting my ideas to paper. Part of it relates to the latter problem and not feeling fast enough with sketching. I need to accept that IT IS OKAY to make a bad sketch and use it for something. If I were to put more ideas on paper I would give myself less opportunity to get stuck on only one potential solution.[/b]

commit suicide . . . . still hung over pumpin cad.

no more dead hookers…

I really have to try and keep this one this year…