design research

As design student, i am finding that i am really interested in and enjoying the research part of my projects. Is there a way to focus on this when I start looking for jobs? Are there positions specifically for research in ID workplaces and if so how do I go about finding them? How can I portray this strong point and where can it take me?

i think its hard to find a design firm or corporation that hires design researchers specifically, though I know of several larger places that have some on staff. I have several friends who felt the same way when we were in school, though none ended up specializing in research specifically- they do plenty in their jobs however.

If you are intelligent and really love research oriented around design, it seems like a great specialty in the ID world, and may make it easier to find a job in the long run (less competition in that niche). Just like any other portfolio, document your research work and present a compelling story.

thanks for the reply!

i have recently seen postings for jobs in design research/user research on Coroflot and the other job sites, so there are firms (Smart Design, Design Science and Sonic Rim come to mind) and many others who center their work in this skill set…what it is not is market research, which is a whole other thing (and deserves to go extinct in the near future)…traditional market research is fatally flawed and produces useless if not totally misleading intel (history is repleat with excellent examples)…

you can do research for numerous university’s