design research suggestions!

hello all.

i am working on a masters in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in design psychology, user-centered design, you get the picture…
i am currently taking a qualitative research methods class and my task at hand is to devise a research question and conduct observational research on the matter. i am in a class with traditional psych students, but would like to tailor my assignment to my interest in design and design research. i’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for a good research question?



Welcome to the forums. If you want the advice and guidance of professionals, I recommend you address them as such. A great start would be capitalizing your "I"s.

This may seem nit picky, but remember, you aren’t texting your friends or commenting on facebook. You are taking part in a global community of designers, both professionals and students.

i second that yo’s motion. nothing is harder to read than a body text that has no punctuation marks, unless it’s a text message it find then terribly annoying. perhaps throw in a few capitalized letters just for good measure, it helps identify the beginning of a thought. at least in english we don’t capitalize our nouns, like they do in german, you can imagine how hard that would be to understand.

And welcome aboard Anna! If you haven’t already, you may want to browse through the Design Research section.

Ah, yes, thank you for the suggestion. Non-capitalization is a personal preference I’ve developed (I actually have a whole spiel about it), though I am generally a stickler for punctuation and grammar! I did not really take the professional aspect of the discussion boards into account, but am certainly aware of it now.

During my first qual research course, I just repeated a classic perception/brand experiment. We had a good idea of the outcome and a nice and narrow scope, so it really allowed us to focus on our methodology and get a really tight process down first time when we were relatively inexperienced.

If you’ve done a lot of qual work before, feel free to ignore.

No, I haven’t done any before. Perhaps that is why I’m feeling so unsure of how or where to begin… That is a good idea and it could tie in nicely with my Consumer Behavior class. Thanks!

If you are performing an observational study, not asking questions, etc — you could spend time observing and classifying peoples’ behaviors/interactions with smartphones. It being such a growing business category and all.