Design research sample within an Industrial Design portfolio

I am in a bit of a dilema and wouldnt mind everyone’s opinions on the matter.
I am putting together my portfolio of work, and it is getting to a close and it features about 5 projects within the folio, with basic-deep process shown for about 3 of the projects.

During my studies I wrote a dissertation on how users’ emotional states are driven and effected by touch screen interaction with mobile devices. The approach to the paper was entirely based on field research from a human-computer interaction standpoint, with some supporting literature research also.
I covered lots of ground with the research including ethnography and task analysis with 5 users, semi structured interviews, field expert interviews, pshcyological analysis of personas etc… which took about a month in total and produced some really interesting insights.

I am split between showing this study in my portfolio of work. I cant decide, as an Industrial Design graduate, if it is appropriate to put in, and if so how do I show the study work (I have 100s of photos, illustrations and diagrams). On the plus side I think it shows my understanding of users and how they think but then again it isn’t strictly a piece of “design”.

I am also finding it hard to find examples of Design Researchers who would show a similar manner of work (but obviously to a more complex level). I have seen some work by those such as Jan Chipchase but that is more from presentations.

It would be great if anyone can give me their opinions, and if or how I should show it in my portfolio.

I will upload a link to my current portfolio as soon as it is online.