Design Research- Consumer products, please help

I’m a student in the UK, studying industrial design and am doing a research project at the moment into; 'The aesthetic/design qualities of consumer products and how they appeal across different cultures.’ I am looking in particular at mobile phones.

I have devised an online survey and would appreciate it if people interested would complete it for me. I will post the results for all to see after the project is complete.

Link to survey;


The survey isnt working very well for me, it keeps saying I havent answered all the Qs but I have.

“High Street” is an unfamiliar term to non-brits. You’ll need new and more cross-cultural language if you expect to get a cross-cultural survey to work.

The large groups of phones at the end present a confusing overloaded question. Keep your questions simple, comparing features one at a time.

You may want to use abstract phones rather than actual phones, people may have emotional attachments to actual phones that have nothing to do with the design itself. Also, by presenting actual phones with mary varying qualities, you aren’t at all certain WHY a person picks one of them over the other.