Design related movies...

Movies pop up on here once and a while, and I was wondering if you have any favorites that are relevant to design in any way ( ulterior motive: I want some new choices to watch! )

Several that have been mentioned on Core77 recently: 1984, Moon, Brazil, Blade Runner…

I’ll kick this off; I just saw “How to get ahead in Advertising” last night and it was hilarious. An Advertising man is so completely freaked out by designer block and a super tight deadline for a new pimple cream, he gets a boil on the side of his neck that has it’s own sinister advertising personality. Completely & ridiculously awesome.

Objectified, Helvetica

You have probably seen them but they are amazing, I have watched objectified so many times !

to be honest objectified disappointed me :confused: .
here are some other good movies, not totally about design, but go tangent.

Next Industrial Revolution
this one is from William Mcdonough on cradle to cradle design

Manufactured Landscapes
about China’s mega projects and it’s effects on landscape

Us Now
In a world in which information is like air, what happens to power?

Future by Design
the Life long work of Jaques Fresco

Walmart - the high cost of low prices

The Corporation
THE CORPORATION engages in a lively, critical exploration of the dominant institution of our
time — its inner workings, curious history, controversial impacts, and possible futures.

here are some trailers to those movies

I had pictured in my mind more “movie” movies, that had a strong design
theme, but you guys are right about those others being design related.

Some good one’s in those veins are:

Andy Goldsworthy - Rivers and Tides (2001)
Sketches of Frank Gehry (2005) <–Haven’t seen it, but wouldn’t mind
LOUIS KAHN - My Architect (didn’t really like so much myself)

a quick search turned up this as well…Raymond Loewy: Father of Industrial
Design 1979 and a similar thread at PDF here (link)

any other stuff you might have seen recently or heard of?

If you were thinking more “movies” movies the first film that popped into my head was Sin City which has a strong theme throughout the film. Is this more what you meant?

I liked District 9. Pretty bad ass. I am still looking for some stills of the robots and ‘alien design’ for inspiration for upcoming projects.

I’ve always loved the set designs in “A Clockwork Orange”

because it’s a Mike Judge film and takes the p_i_s_s out of consumerism beautifully (so much so it was possibly buried at release

Search -

“The Incredibles”
Best Pixar film, best soundtrack, best design (look at this:

“Alien”, “Aliens” etc.
Interesting to see how James Cameron took over from Ridley Scott, especially in the look of the world (the exo-skeleton lifter, Ripleys Reeboks, the APC). The story of “Alien 3” is interesting in how David Fincher salvaged the great ideas of Vincent Ward (the wooden planet)- Empire have a great article on it:

“Fight Club” top film anyway, watchable just for the Ikea p_i_s_s take.

“The Bank Job” best film I saw last year, great recreation of early 1970’s London, especially David Suchet as Ronnie-Barker lookalike Lew Vogel.

Great film, and completely true.

This sleeper film is a must see! First off, WallE totally ripped a lot of the visuals, second it is just so good.

If you are talking about great product design in movie movies my choice has to be Minority Report. Awesome future gazing… especially love the ‘spiders’

“Avatar” is looking like another cool Ridley Scott movie coming up soon… I really loved all the space marines hardware in “Aliens”. “Empire Strikes Back” is such a classic too

Another really inspiring one was “One Man’s Dream” about Mike Britten, the guy that designed, produced, raced, and broke the landspeed records with his self designed super-motorcycle. I’m not even a motorcycle guy and really liked it

Yep, That was the idea… entertaining movies with strong design included. I wasn’t thinking of documentaries, but I’m glad they were added - Walmart and others are on my “To Watch” list now

Most of the “Director Label” videos are good too - short films and music videos by some great directors

I have that Chris Cunningham one as well, that is a good one to check out.

!!! haha right now im in a media lesson and that dvd is sitting right next to me ! weird XD

I thought objectified was fantastic, maybe not for the professional designer but for me it solidified my choice of industrial design at university.

I’ve seen the Cunningham, Jonze, and Corbijn… liked the first two a lot, the third I didn’t like as much

continuing on the “one man’s dream” film, you might like “love the beast”

it’s definitely a car-guy movie, its a documentary about eric bana and his first car, a ford falcon that he bought when he was 15. he’s had it now for 25 years, and he and his friends rebuilt it 3 or 4 times, eventually turning it into a rally car. what i enjoyed about it is they end up exploring the relationship that people can have with inanimate objects… Dr. Phil (that one) makes an appearance where he states that with all the distractions and noise we have now, it’s increasingly difficult for people to have meaningful relationships with other people, let alone objects like broken-down cars, scratched up guitars, or for me, it’s hand painted goalie masks.

you might like it, Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear and Jay Leno are in it too talking about their own versions of car-love.

2001: A space Odyssey


The City of Lost Children

Logan’s Run

Wes Anderson Movies (in general)

F’n Road Warrior!



I know there’s some bike freaks on these boards, but actually I’d recommend The Flying Scotsman to everyone:

It’s the story of Graham Obree, who famously broke the World one hour record (twice) using a bike built from parts salvaged from a washing machine. Most of the reviews concentrate on it as a sports movie, for obvious reasons, but I really like the way it shows Obree looking past what’s generally perceived as a ‘bike’ and concentrating on the problem of ‘efficiency’. The petty minded bureaucrats who continually obstructed his designs and riding positions (in part, the film implies, because the established manufacturers didn’t like it) also struck a chord with the ‘no, that’s not the way it’s done’ objections I sometimes find myself up against.